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KACS Staff California Fires Please join your KACS Staff in praying for all those impacted by the multiple holiday season California wildfires. Thousands will be without a home to return to this Thanksgiving. Pray God's children will open their hearts and doors to those displaced by the fire. Pray also God's comfort & hope to those who have lost loved ones. And pray for the firefighters and the recovery efforts to follow. Thank you.
C. Son's Needs Pray for my son, R. he is under an enormous attack by Satan. He is living in a motor home and the power will not come on and stay on so he has no electricity or heat and now the lights on his truck went out and he is trying to figure out what is wrong.
KACS Staff End of Year Need Please pray God's provision for your KACS Network at year's end. We are asking for a generous outpouring to end the year with the bills paid, and commitments to support through 2019. We were informed of several new and increased expenses for maintaining our facilities for service to you. We need 18 - 20 Business donor/sponsors, and year-end support from as many listeners and site visitors as possible. Please click on the Faith Promise or Donate options on the site menu. Thank you, and God bless you. -- Your KACS Staff & Volunteers.
Derek Personal Prayers Please Pray for me, Derek. Psalm 91 Amen.
TR OCD & Discernment I'm a female senior citizen who's struggled terribly for nearly 50 years with obsessive compulsive disorder. The pastor of a little church led me to the Lord Jesus in 1975, and my relationship with God is by far the most important part of my life. Recently, He's been leading me into a much deeper relationship with Him than I've ever known. Part of that includes dealing with the OCD, believed to be caused by the brain producing false/inaccurate messages. My prayer request is for wisdom and discernment in following His leading in this "new adventure" in my life. He is worth every minute if it, though it has some extremely difficult aspects. I just want to go where He wants to lead me!
Doug Friends Daughter Eyesight Update for prayer request for a friend of mine's daughter who was having visual problems. Her daughter A. was losing vision; Infection called Nocardia. They then started her on antibiotics. The last note I received last month said she was finally responding to the medication & starting to get her vision back. Hopefully by now it's restored, but I at least wanted to give you this update.
M. Need a Pastor The church has been without a pastor for over a year. Local church Elder is filling that role until a pastor can be found, but is a professional with a business to run besides leading the church. Pray a suitable candidate can be found soon that is a good match to the needs of the congregation.
Susan daughter's surgery My Grand-daughter had major surgery in Sweden, and is doing well. Praise to God and Thanks for your prayers for the successful surgery for my granddaughter.
TR Growing in Jesus Thank you for your prayers as I seek to follow Jesus' leading in my "New Adventure" in my deepening relationship with Him, including dealing with longstanding OCD. The past 10 days, the path has been extremely rough and difficult. But my greatest desire is to continue to follow God anyway, though the way has been through darkness and much pain these recent days. PLEASE pray for me for wisdom, strength and discernment, step by step. Thank you so much.
Doug Grandchild at ER Please pray for my youngest grandson A. He's the one who had that reconstructive skull surgery when he was 3 mos old. He's 4 now. Anyways he had a small rash. They gave him some antihistamine. He seemed to be getting better. Then all of a sudden he was covered in a rash all over, deep red. He has a fever & his heart is racing. They just took him to the ER. Appreciate your prayers. Thanks. Sincerely, Doug
Doug Grandchild ER Update Hello again everyone. Here's the update I just got from my oldest son: "Okay good news A. breathing is good they're not sure what the reaction came from but they're setting up appointment for this next week to do a test because they don't do them at the ER, but they are giving him some medication and then they'll be sent him home in 3 to 4 hours." Thank you everyone for praying & I'll keep you apprised of anymore chgs.
Doug Grandson mysterious illness continues PRAYER AGAIN PLEASE! I asked for your prayers last week for my youngest grandson A. He hasn't fully recovered from whatever was ailing him. He's been running high fevers on & off. But now he's having great difficulty walking so they are taking him back to the ER right now. So please continue praying for him. Thank you & God bless you all. Sincerely, Doug


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