Name Subject Request
KACS Staff California Fires Please join your KACS Staff in praying for all those impacted by the multiple holiday season California wildfires. Thousands will be without a home to return to this Thanksgiving. Pray God's children will open their hearts and doors to those displaced by the fire. Pray also God's comfort & hope to those who have lost loved ones. And pray for the firefighters and the recovery efforts to follow. Thank you.
C. Son's Needs Pray for my son, R. he is under an enormous attack by Satan. He is living in a motor home and the power will not come on and stay on so he has no electricity or heat and now the lights on his truck went out and he is trying to figure out what is wrong.
KACS Staff End of Year Need Please pray God's provision for your KACS Network at year's end. We are asking for a generous outpouring to end the year with the bills paid, and commitments to support through 2019. We were informed of several new and increased expenses for maintaining our facilities for service to you. We need 18 - 20 Business donor/sponsors, and year-end support from as many listeners and site visitors as possible. Please click on the Faith Promise or Donate options on the site menu. Thank you, and God bless you. -- Your KACS Staff & Volunteers.
Derek Personal Prayers Please Pray for me, Derek. Psalm 91 Amen.
TR OCD & Discernment I'm a female senior citizen who's struggled terribly for nearly 50 years with obsessive compulsive disorder. The pastor of a little church led me to the Lord Jesus in 1975, and my relationship with God is by far the most important part of my life. Recently, He's been leading me into a much deeper relationship with Him than I've ever known. Part of that includes dealing with the OCD, believed to be caused by the brain producing false/inaccurate messages. My prayer request is for wisdom and discernment in following His leading in this "new adventure" in my life. He is worth every minute if it, though it has some extremely difficult aspects. I just want to go where He wants to lead me!
Doug Friends Daughter Eyesight Update for prayer request for a friend of mine's daughter who was having visual problems. Her daughter A. was losing vision; Infection called Nocardia. They then started her on antibiotics. The last note I received last month said she was finally responding to the medication & starting to get her vision back. Hopefully by now it's restored, but I at least wanted to give you this update.
M. Need a Pastor The church has been without a pastor for over a year. Local church Elder is filling that role until a pastor can be found, but is a professional with a business to run besides leading the church. Pray a suitable candidate can be found soon that is a good match to the needs of the congregation.
Susan daughter's surgery My Grand-daughter had major surgery in Sweden, and is doing well. Praise to God and Thanks for your prayers for the successful surgery for my granddaughter.
TR Growing in Jesus Thank you for your prayers as I seek to follow Jesus' leading in my "New Adventure" in my deepening relationship with Him, including dealing with longstanding OCD. The past 10 days, the path has been extremely rough and difficult. But my greatest desire is to continue to follow God anyway, though the way has been through darkness and much pain these recent days. PLEASE pray for me for wisdom, strength and discernment, step by step. Thank you so much.
Doug Grandchild at ER Please pray for my youngest grandson A. He's the one who had that reconstructive skull surgery when he was 3 mos old. He's 4 now. Anyways he had a small rash. They gave him some antihistamine. He seemed to be getting better. Then all of a sudden he was covered in a rash all over, deep red. He has a fever & his heart is racing. They just took him to the ER. Appreciate your prayers. Thanks. Sincerely, Doug
Doug Grandchild ER Update Hello again everyone. Here's the update I just got from my oldest son: "Okay good news A. breathing is good they're not sure what the reaction came from but they're setting up appointment for this next week to do a test because they don't do them at the ER, but they are giving him some medication and then they'll be sent him home in 3 to 4 hours." Thank you everyone for praying & I'll keep you apprised of anymore chgs.
Doug Grandson mysterious illness continues PRAYER AGAIN PLEASE! I asked for your prayers last week for my youngest grandson A. He hasn't fully recovered from whatever was ailing him. He's been running high fevers on & off. But now he's having great difficulty walking so they are taking him back to the ER right now. So please continue praying for him. Thank you & God bless you all. Sincerely, Doug
Craig Wife's Illness Needs Prayers Dear friends, it has been quite sometime since I've come before you requesting prayer. I used to be a regular listener but my schedule keeps me away from the KACS area. last night, Tuesday, I took my wife "C" into the hospital with a serious bladder infection that has now turned into sepsis. The doctors are concerned but are confident that it can be treated. Would you please join me in prayer before our LORD,that a healing take place in my wife's life. I know that you the KACS family are prayer warriors and I am grateful. God's richest blessings for your prayerful support.
Doug Grandson Update Hello again. Please say a prayer update for "A", he will see his Dr on Monday & they have him scheduled for allergy testing on Jan 28th. Although we don't know what's wrong yet, he is doing better & went to go sledding w his brothers & sister & mom & dad. So that's encouraging. He's walking better. Still not 100% but definitely mucho better than last weekend when they took him in to the hospital again. Thank you all very much for your continued prayers for him. I'll let you know what they find. Gby doug
Doug Pray for aftermath of traffic accident Would appreciate your prayers. Just got hit by another vehicle while trying to cross an intersection. Waiting for police. My truck not driveable. His vehicle moves w fender rubbing on tire in turns. Police will determine if car driveable. We're both walking, but I'm experiencing some occasional little sharp pains in my head. Weird. Anyways please pray for wisdom for police investigation, that no serious injuries occurred, that he can drive home (that police okay him) as it's their only car. My son & daughter-in-law are here waiting. Thanx.
D. Deliverance and Hope from criminal accusations I am fighting a really nasty and extremely hurtful conviction for a crime I did not commit. It has devastated my whole life for 5 years, including my self esteem, my standing in the community and my employability. I just finished a Master's degree, and I need to be able to use it to earn a living and use the gifts God has given me. This is my last chance to beat this. If I fail, it will plague the rest of my life. Please pray that the evidence I am presenting to the court is considered valid and relevant, that the judge recognizes it as proof that I did not commit this crime, and that the court doesn't find against me, because they have slippery loopholes that allow them to disregard my evidence. Please pray for justice and deliverance, for a tangible sign of hope and the peace that surpasses all understanding in the mean time. Thank you for your continued prayer over the next few weeks (possibly months depending on how long the court takes). I am innocent, and I just want my life back.
A. Healing for Mother's Mental Illness Please pray for my mother E. as she is suffering mental illness. Please pray for her total healing from this demonic oppression and that she be returned to her right state of mind. Please pray James 4:7 over her that she would submit herself therefore to God: Resist the devil, and he will flee from her. In Jesus Name, Amen
D Good Medical Test Results, Healing for Daughter Asking for prayer that test results come back negative and for healing from digestive issues. Also asking for prayer for my little girl also with digestive issues and suffers from anxiety.
Doug Update on Grandson UPDATE ON THE LITTLE GUY "A". Well, all we know is that all his tests look normal. He's almost back to normal. So whatever it was he had has, by all appearances, "left the building!" So thank you everyone for your prayers. We're believing he's all healed. (Praise the Lord!)
KACS Staff 7th Annual Laugh All Night benefit concerts One week from today is the annual family-friendly Comedy Concert series. This year Rik Roberts will perform for us. Please pray safe journey and good health for Mr. Roberts, that the house seats will be full at Corbet Theater on the 25th, and the same for the Raymond Theater on the 26h. Pray that those who attend will be entertained, insprired, and motivated to give. These are benefit concerts to help New Missions with child relief efforts in Haiti. Thank you.
Doug Update on Traffic Accident, and need of finances and a vehicle Hello. This is an update on my recent auto accident. Well, I'm ok & so is the other guy. Unfortunately I just got the call from the appraiser (who, by God's hand, is a follower of Jesus... not saying a nonbeliever would have done a lesser job... only that I believe the Lord directed it for my comfort). Unfortunately he had to total it out. There was damage to the frame where the other guy had rammed in my tire.... he pushed the suspension mounts & other stuff into the frame. All totaled, it's worth about $5100, minus my $500 deductible, giving me about $4600. Unfortunately I still owe somewhere's between $5-6,000 of which $3000 of that was for a totally unnecessary used vehicle warranty (learning lesson), which I was never able to use when I needed it, bc the dealer didn't write it out long enuff. Bottom line is, I'm w/o a vehicle, and unless by some miracle I signed up for GAP insurance at the bank, which I don't know if I did or not, and chances are I didn't since I have a history of not being very wise in that area (not a negative comment... just a statement of fact), I'll still have a few pymts to make. I just bought new tires last year which, having paid $800 for those (which I just paid off recently) I was awarded about $61, and i just pd $300+ for my updated vehicle registration which included a $100 late fee, for which I get nothing back (haha... guess what came in the mail yesterday? My new plates!)
Dotty Healing for Health Worker For 24 year old youth and health worker in Nigeria. He has helped many children and adults by setting up health clinics in the rural areas of Kaduna State. Now he himself has been sick for almost 4 months without a specific diagnosis. It could be a form of TB or it could be cancer. Please pray for an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment plan. Perhaps a miracle is needed.
Doug Best Friend's Health For my longest known best friend back home in WI. The last I spoke w/him he said the doctors wanted to do some cardiac bypass surgery. He didn't know when. He hasn't responded to text msgs, messenger or phone call. Please keep him in your prayers. I'm going to try & call some other friends back there. I'll keep you posted when I hear anything. Thanx.
D Praise the Lord and futher Prayers I wanted to let you know that you were praying for my digestive tests and PTL they all came back normal! Thank you so much. The bad news is I have now gotten a new lab result for liver that is extremely worrisome and I'm scared to death. Would very much appreciate prayers they find that level not to be anything and that I don't have any problems with my liver also. Thank you so much.
Anonymous Brain Surgery Valentine's Day The husband of my friend M. is having brain surgery discovered just after his mother died. Surgery is this Thursday February 14 in Seattle at about 5 a.m. He is a goodly and Godly man which this world needs. M. needs strength and comfort.
Jesse Needing a Church to belong to I need help finding a church with a discipleship focus, and also a church family to belong to. It's been a long time since I've belonged to a church. I live in Tenino.
Dina Health and Finances with overdue bills I need a breakthrough in my health and finances. I need clients for my small business of house cleaning and childcare. I had applied to another job starting before Christmas and still no doors have been open. I'm behind paying my bills because I don't have money to pay for them.
Vicki Successful Brain Surgery Praise report: D. had brain surgery last Thursday. He is now in the recovery phase. Thank God for arranging surgery at UW and working with the surgeons and staff. Everyone is exhausted but strengthened by your prayers. Thank you! and Thank GOD!
D Praise Report: Medical Test Results I wanted to give a final update on the health issues I have been requesting prayer for in the last month or so. After many tests (many of which revealed new things to test and be worried about ) I just talked to my Dr and although we were convinced I must have at least one if not several of these suspected conditions, ALL of my results except one came back NEGATIVE!!! And the one that didn't was the least worrisome of what it could have been and is quite treatable. Even the Dr was very surprised and happy to be able to give me such good news. His only expalantion is multiple false positives on the tests but all of the glory and credit goes to GOD and the wonderful prayers! I can't thank you enough for them, it made all of the difference in the world. I would like to still ask for prayers for me and my little girl both with our stomach issues which are still there I pray we can finally get some resolve and relief from them and get our lives back. But it's a true miracle that my other tests have all come back normal. It's been a very scary month. Praise God! And thank you again!
Li Preserving Job Prayer request : please pray for that I will not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.
A. Babies to be born safe and healthy For Chromosomes 49, 50, and 51 to be present in the DNA sequence of the of K's unborn twin boys. That they will NOT have muscular dystrophy, and never will. That the deformity will be wiped from K’s bloodline/DNA so that future generations will not be impacted. The babies are due at towards the end of June.
D. Needing Miracle and Technological assistance God - I'm stuck in a mess of someone else's creating. I've tried to protest, I've tried to inform through communication, I've tried to resist. I've traveled East, West, North, & South; I've tried thinking of anything rational, and even irrational, to get out of this hurtful technological situation so that I can LIVE MY OWN LIFE - but nothing is working. I need a Miracle, I need someone with great technological prowess and power in society to find me and help me out of this situation that I'm enduring.
Mike Renewed relationship with Jesus Please pray for me, for a new relationship, fresh start, re-dedication, full restoration, full deliverance in the Lord Jesus. Thank you!! Mike
Renee Need Mold-free RV and work. Hello please pray for me. I'm on disability. I need housing help. I live in a black molded travel trailer I need a home on wheels. I have a lot leased for it. I need a reliable car desperately. And I need a live in job in home care cleaning, pet care, property sit and care long term. My client offered a year ago please place it on his heart to do so. And I need help doing the resume. These things in Gods will
"D" Mom & Daughter digestive issues I would like to ask for further prayers for both my daughter and I for digestive issues that the Drs can finally find an answer and relief for us. Thank you!


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