Our supporters are an Amazing Group of People!
They are TFN Club Members who give automatically every month.
They are Daysponsors who honor family members, friends and loved ones on special days with on-air greetings all day long.
They are Hope Builders who give a larger sum monthly or annually to sustain longer term service through KACS-KACW.
They are Lamplighters who help cover specific costs.


They invite you to be part of their circle keeping the internet stream going, helping local charities, providing the community calendar, bringing concerts to the area, and making station services available. They are Sharing the Positive Message of Jesus through KACS in SW Washington and around the world.  They want you to join them!

Benefiting You, Your Community & All the Families We Serve
In Southwest Washington


You can participate in many different ways:

Thank you for participating as a “shareholder” in this service. By using our Donations page you help us serve families through this website and with our on-air broadcasts.  Or if you do not have the funds at this time, you can also make a Faith Promise commitment that you can fulfill at a later date.

KACS uses Authorize.Net web donations security so your personal information is protected and safe.

Thank you for helping us spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to Southwest Washington, and beyond!