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WA Dept. of Health Hotline 6am-10pm M-F 1-800-525-0127

As of October 21, Governor Inslee released updated restrictions for area churches and their in-person worship services, including expansion of the social-distancing rules. Some of these apply to religious activity in private homes. Complete WA State guidelines for reopening Church services available HERE.


Community Needs:

WA STATE BUSINESS HELP:  For any business person or business needing help obtaining COVID-19 WA State financial assistance use this form (CLICK HERE). 

Washington State Healthcare Workers need our support and help in obtaining vital supplies. Businesses, manufacturers and individuals are encouraged to donate, produce or otherwise provide resources. The state website advises Washington residents can help by selling supplies to the statedonate bulk supplies for distribution to areas of greatest need, or manufacture supplies (businesses may qualify to be refitted to produce needed items).  

NUMBERS AS OF Nov. 27, 2020 **

Total People Tested: 2,997,264                   Total Numbers Testing Positive: 170,342

Population of WA State: 7.615 Million       Percent of Population Tested: 39.4%

Percent of sample Testing Positive:  5.7    Total Number of COVID-19 Related Deaths:  2,850

Percent Women:  49                                   Percent Women:  46

Percent Men:  48                                        Percent Men:  52

Percent over age 60:  17                           Percent over age 60:  89

Percent under age 60:  83                        Percent under age 60:  10

Patients in Hospital:  932    Patients in ICU:  214     Mortality Rate of those testing positive: 1.7%

*figures are statewide

**NOTE: Statistics from the Washington State Department of Health. Missing percentage points reflect "unknown" numbers not fitting the above categories.